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Common Foot Problems


There are several types of corns which are developed by small layers of thick skin which act as a padding to the foot. They can cause a lot of discomfort. A hard corn is commonly found on the top or ends of the toes or the sole of the foot A corn is hard skin with an inverted cone which is pushed into the skin. A soft corn will appear between the toes and is due to unusual pressure, and seed corns can appear anywhere on the bottom of the foot.


This is thick and hard areas of skin, they can take months or years to develop. They are caused by either ill fitting shoes or excess pressure in one area. Commonly found on the heels, ball of the foot and the side of the toes. It can be extremely painful.


These are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) which infects the skin. They are often painless when small and difficult to spot, appearing normal. It is suggested that if verrucas are not causing pain to leave them untreated. Studies have indicated that spontaneous clearance of verrucae can occur as high as 65% after a 2 year period. Swimming pools and communal wash areas the main areas where verrucas can be picked up.


This condition is quite a common problem. It is a painful condition in which the nail grows and cuts into one or both sides of the nail bed, causing swelling, pain, redness and infection. The main causes are ill fitting shoes and improper toenail trimming.


20% of the population are likely to be affected at sometime in their lives. Fungi thrive in a damp and warm environment. New skin underneath infected areas may look red, sore and inflamed. Itching and burning may increase as the infection spreads. If left untreated, athletes foot can spread to the rest of the foot and even to other parts of the body.

All of theses foot problems can be treated by Norwich mobile Foot Care